Tuesday, May 5, 2009


this is a shortanimated film , m been working since i realized i was ready to make one :)


ANIL said...

Hi Rishi,
Hirek told me about u'r short film.... I would like to see u'r work. When and where can i see?
I don't want to comment about this visuals.. cos u r a master with visuals.. I know the film is going to be much much better than just a frame from it.
Waiting to see it...

U'r friend,
Anil P S

rishi sahany said...

hey anil

how are you ?
ya,sure would love to share with friends.i have not uploaded the movie cauz its still in for festivals . hope you visit m'bai somtime :)or may be a trailer ill upload soon. pass on ur email id will forward you the link once i upload.